About Me

I’m an aspiring writer who lives in the Washington, D.C. area. I love urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. My favorite shows is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I used to be a huge Teen Wolf fan as well. I’m also currently digging both Supergirl and Shadowhunters. I read all the time so, as I find books or even movies or shows I like, I’ll be sure to share the squee here. I write all over the board as long as something preternatural or unusual is going on. I like urban fantasy with all sorts of creatures in it, especially shapeshifters, but I also enjoy superhero fiction and things with more fantasy elements in them as well. As far as the romance side of things goes, I write a variety of things, which include LGBT and heterosexual pairings.

I ended up being delayed before I could publish my first works but I hope to have some novellas or possibly novels up starting this summer. Until then, just relax and enjoy my blog 😉

You can always reach me at my email:



I won’t review other authors’ works but I can always be open to other types of promotion within paranormal romance or the urban fantasy genres. 

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